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Sponsor a child,
support a family

$45/month provides a child with nutritious food, clean water and discipleship. Additionally, their family will be invited to take part in programs that strengthen the family unit, leading toward community transformation.

Sponsor a Child

Community in Eswatini Africa

Visit your sponsor child’s community

Develop a lasting relationship with a child by visiting them in their community. Visiting a CarePoint gives more than it costs. The children and community treasure special connections from visting teams.

Long-term Stability Projects

Help support our talented staff as they serve our CarePoint communities and seek to bring God's vision for Eswatini to life.
Help us provide highly nutritious bulk food imported from partner NGOs to lower our operational costs
The perfect way to provide fast, high impact donations–reaching areas with the greatest needs.

Transparent, Accountable, and Responsible Sponsorship

When I donate, where does my money go?

We steward your money carefully. When you donate, you trust that we will deliver on our promises to bring your investment to the field in the way you intended. We are committed to openness and transparency in our finances.

How much money reaches in-country programs?

For every dollar donated, .85 cents reach our in-country programs.

If I decide to cancel my giving, will it be easy to do so?

Yes, we have a dedicated dashboard for each user that makes it easy to adjust giving frequency and amount quickly.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, we are a 503c non-profit and we have a dedicated dashboard that makes it easy to receive regular giving statements.

Community in Eswatini Africa

Community Development Partnerships

We provide business-friendly partnerships and investment opportunities that support the strategic elements of our mission with professional skills sharing and finances. These partnerships contribute to our vision by engaging in health and wellness programs, staff development, community sustainability projects, and eco-conscious development.