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Our CarePoints Provide Hope

CarePoints and Our
Approach to Sponsorship

Why CarePoints are Useful and what we wish to see in the communities we serve.

What are Carepoints?

CarePoints are Community Centers

The purpose of a CarePoint is to provide the community a path and foundation for long-term sustainability and growth. At each CarePoint, we ensure access to programs, clean water, and fortified food for struggling families.

CarePoints are also safe places where kids can be kids. With 40 carepoints scattered throughout communities in Eswatini, over 7,000 kids attend CarePoints for access to fundamental needs, mentorship, sports, counseling, and opportunities for family strengthening programs. CarePoints are overseen by Shepherds: a trusted member of the community who has undergone leadership training and is dedicated to the children in their care. Shepherds are assisted by local volunteers, including cooks, church leaders, and other members of the community who recognize the value of the CarePoint.

Healthy food cooked fresh daily at CarePoints
African Community Meeting in Large Space

How do CarePoints Help?

CarePoints help communities find a voice.

Many of our CarePoints have large meeting spaces that allow our communities to comfortably host meetings, gatherings, and church services. Additionally, all of our CarePoints are governed through a CarePoint committee that includes community members. Our CarePoint projects are community inspired, meaning that our communities get a vote in how their community is developed over time.

How is Feeding People Sustainable?

We're Helping Communities Learn to Care For Their Own.

Providing disadvantaged children with food helps stabilize communities, but we realize it is not a long-term solution to poverty nor does it sustain itself. We have gardens at many of our CarePoints and several staff dedicated to teaching the communities how to make these gardens thrive so reliance on imported food can be reduced and children get the health benefits of fresh produce. By also providing enrichment programs, such as computer labs and sports, we hope young Swazis will feel inspired, uplifted and equipped to pursue their dreams and become the next local leaders who can then pour back into their communities and lift up their neighbors.

Happy mother helping child in Eswatini Africa
Community in Eswatini Africa

Any Questions About CarePoints?

Assisting communities responsibly can be hard. We're here to assist and help answer any questions or concerns you may have. Please reach out!