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Long-term Stability Projects

Fund a Project,
Bring Change

Many of our projects help us lower operating costs while providing positive benefits for communities.

Long-term Sustainability Projects

Help us provide highly nutritious bulk food imported from partner NGOs to lower our operational costs
The perfect way to provide fast, high impact donations–reaching areas with the greatest needs.
Many of our children suffer from seizure disorders, malnutrition due to difficulty eating. Help us provide the care they need to thrive and grow.
Supporting this project helps us lower our operational costs
Help support our talented staff as they serve our CarePoint communities and seek to bring God's vision for Eswatini to life.
Help us provide healthy, nutritious food for the children within the CarePoint community in need of a meal.
Have a direct impact on the greatest needs in the lives of the people we are invested in.
Help support our talented staff as they serve our CarePoint communities and seek to bring God's vision for South Asia to life.

High Impact Programs

Children are the future of every society and they are best situated in loving families, family strengthening programs invest in each member's future.
Meaning “treasured ones,” Labaligugu serves the vulnerable population of disabled children and their caregivers. Due to cultural stigmas...
Sinelitsemba, our music ministry, means “we are hopeful” in Siswati. For children who have faced loss and hardship, this program offers an...
We’re building a leadership movement in Eswatini. It all starts with the Servant Leadership Academy or SLA...
Our sports program reach out to the young adults at our CarePoints, many of whom have experienced trauma and loss. They are longing for a mentor...
The unique environment we’re pioneering at Umdoni encourages rapid self-development, critical thinking, resiliency, acceptance of others, family...
Community in Eswatini Africa

Any Questions About a Project?

Assisting communities responsibly can be hard. We're here to assist and help answer any questions or concerns you may have. Please reach out!

Looking to Fund a Custom Project?

We are always looking for innovative ways to help bring sustainability to the communities we serve. If you have any questions or ideas that you think would be beneficial, please reach out to us!

Community in Eswatini Africa