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Our CarePoints Provide Hope

CarePoints: Sponsorship
and Support Locations

CarePoints give the community a voice and a platform to begin connecting and providing care and hope for disadvantaged families.

Find a CarePoint

Anchor Center is located in the Lubombo Region, along Lavumisa Road, making it the ideal centralized base for our Nsoko operations.
Bhalekane is one of our original eight CarePoints in Eswatini, it is also one of our more developed and centralized CarePoints.
Bheveni was established in 2002 by Make Mkhatjwa for orphans in the community. The original building was a 2-room stick and mud structure.
Ekudzeni is beautifully situated near a mountain range, which contrasts against the area's unique red dirt, creating a striking view.
Enhlanhleni started in 2017, it's located near Nsoko in Eswatini close to a primary school. It's a frequently visited and well-established...
Eskhaleni began as a rural stick and mud house sponsored by the government to provide better nutrition for the children, bringing hope.
Gandal is a small rural village of about 1200 families. It is economically and ethnically stratified.
Gege was established in 2012 by local Pastor Ronald Banda who saw a need to help local orphans and families who were struggling.
Goltan is a primarily tribal village with about 800 families. Most of the residents work in the beautiful but humid surrounding rice paddies.
Hillview was started in 2010 by a small community of families on a rural hill in Ngculwini. A few years later, Worldvision donated a cooking...
Joyela is found in the Lubombo region of Eswatini, about 3 kilometers from Nsoko. The CarePoint is situated next to the Lubulini Police Station.
Kaytap is a small rural village surrounded by vibrant green rice paddies. The literacy rate is only 59%.